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Seven Reasons To Join Zibel Real Estate

We welcome speculative submissions from high achievers with a proven track record and whose best days are still ahead of them.  To join the Zibel team, you must be well-connected and able to act and transact across multiple countries and markets.  You must be able to expand your parameters far beyond the abilities of other market players and use your advantage to deliver returns from the moment of acquisition.

Reason 1: Technology

At Zibel Real Estate you will be much more than a real estate expert: you will also need to be a technologist.  Our core investment philosophy is that outperforming yield and equity growth can be derived from geographic clusters where rapid technological development and new technology wealth are causing transformation.  Finding the best opportunities requires a deep knowledge and understanding of frontier technologies and how emerging technology trends will impact yield and equity growth in micro-locations of interest.

Reason 2: International

We are global in the scope of our mission to acquire prominent buildings in “A” micro-locations and scarce assets that transcend cycles.  Working with us you will need to take a global view on acquisitions and deals and be able to quickly build exclusive market access to identify and transact real estate investments worldwide.  We believe that profits are made when buying by identifying global opportunities and leveraging our highly liquid position to secure advantageous terms.

Reason 3: Privately Held

We are a privately held organisation investing only the capital of Tej Kohli and the Kohli family.  We do not have clients or shareholders and we do not have the internal politics of a large institution.  We encourage our team to expand their horizons and to unlock their full potential without restrictions to enable acute agility and performance.  Zibel is for high performers who want to be recognised for their achievements.

Reason 4: High Liquidity

We are a highly liquid organisation with an acquisition war chest and an objective to acquire an additional $1 billion of real estate during the coming years.  This unique position provides an unrivalled advantage to act and transact privately and to build superior market access.

Reason 5: High Growth

Zibel Real Estate currently manages more than €300m in real estate assets.  We are also highly acquisitive with a mission to acquire one billion dollars of real estate assets to add to our portfolio during the coming years.  We offer the opportunity to join the Zibel team early on in this unique journey as we build out our global team and seek to increase our AuM by a factor of five. 

Reason 6: No Hierarchy

We welcome techno-commercial professionals with an entrepreneurial approach.  We value teamwork and collaboration, but we do not value hierarchy and we shun institutionalised and process driven approaches to finding and transacting real estate investments.  We have a completely flat structure that enables our star players to shine brightly and to complete their deals without deference to management tiers.

Reason 7: Attractive Package

We offer an attractive employment package whether you are based at our luxurious Mayfair Headquarters in central London or working in the field to secure proprietary market access. 

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